Field Trip, ALL Studios – Monday

Arch 202 Studios:

I hope this BLOG post finds all of you well rested after our Final Review on Friday.

On Monday we have scheduled a Field Trip. You will see parts of a NEW large scale mixed use project in Chicago’s West Loop ….. and at the conclusion of our tour we will have some Q & A with the Architect / Developer. See the address of the Project below.

In order for the trip to be a success we need your very best effort to at the Site by 2 PM on Monday, and please remember to travel to and from the Site in groups of at least two students.

Your studio Professor will email you the required release form for this Field Trip directly and soon. Ensure this form is returned to your Professor via email prior to Monday’s trip.

Field Trip Information:

  • Address: ?Fulbrix Apartments.?160 North Elizabeth, Chicago. 60607.
    • Fulton Market ( Northwest Corner of Randolph and Elizabeth )
  • Students must arrive at 2 PM ( professors too )
    • Lunch IS NOT provided, sorry.
  • Hard hats and supportive PPE?are not?required.
  • 2 PM – 3 PM ….. intro by TRA Architects + student tours of levels 1 – 6
  • 3 PM – 4 PM ….. Q & A session
    • Tom Roszak, Jen Park, Reed Kroloff, Ernie Iseminger
    • Additional student Q & A
    • Photo
  • 4:15 PM ….. finish ( see your sectional professor at this time for attendance ).

See you on Site!

Wednesday’s IMI Field Trip – please arrive early + Schedule.

  • IMI = International Masonry Institute.
  • IMI Address. 2140 West Corporate Drive. Addison, IL. 60101.
  • Travel time from IIT main campus ….. about 45 minutes.
  • You are responsible to arrange your travel with studio companions. Arrive at IMI and leave IMI together. Park behind IMI, then follow the driveway back to entry.
  • Field Trip Assumption of Risk Form is required. Please submit to your section professor today.
  • Clothing Requirements:
    1. long pants
    2. closed-toe shoes
    3. safety glasses will be provided by IMI
    4. gloves will be provided by IMI
  • ARRIVAL – very important! 12:30 – 1 PM ( Pizza will arrive at 12:30 PM )
  • Safety Lecture – this lecture is required to participate in Bricklaying! 1 PM
  • Rotations Begin – ALL Students visit Five Stations. 1:15 PM
    1. Hands on Bricklaying – the basics
    2. Hands on Bricklaying – arches
    3. Hands on Blocklaying ( CMU ) + Robotics
    4. Mock up tour 1. ( tile, terrazzo, movement joints )
    5. Mock up tour 2. ( rainscreen wall assemblies, cavity wall, wonder wall )
  • Event Ends – 4 PM.
  • See your section professor before departing IMI. Since we are starting this event early ( 1 PM ), we will not expect studio time after this event.?

Please bring your fully charged cell phones to this event as photos you take will not only be popular on your social media platforms ….. they will also aid you in understanding Masonry systems which are a part of our focus of study this term.

See you all Wednesday! Hoping to see you in next year’s Discovery Day photo!!

Field Trip Update is Under Construction

Recognize this photo?

You may have seen it as a high schooler during IIT’s Discovery Day Presentations. It dates back to the Spring of 2019, which sadly due to COVID was the last time we visited the International Masonry Institute, aka “IMI”. On Wednesday we will change that ….. and hopefully update this photo!

We are reconfirming a few minor details this morning and will make an updated BLOG post by 10 AM today. For now, it is important that you each know this event starts at 1 PM at IMI, that lunch is provided, and that you need to send your Professor the Assumption of Risk form sometime today.

Stay tuned!

Friday Studio – half scale model clean up required

Second Year Students + Faculty:

Today ( Friday ) ALL half scale models from our Hermann Hall Review that are not along the east wall of the 3410 entry lobby must be disassembled during our studio time. This includes all models not on the east wall of the 3410 entry lobby, all models in the AXP space ( next to Glynn’s studio ), and all models within the second floor Second Year studios.

There are no exceptions, this directive comes from the College Administration.

Please consult with your professors at 2 PM about their studio plan for today to coordinate this requirement. Also, if you have not photographed your model, ensure this also gets completed this afternoon.

Model scraps can be discarded, donated to the shop, or kept beneath your desks for future use.

Review Locations for Today

This afternoon’s review begins at 2 PM and we will utilize three separate locations in Lower Core of Crown Hall. The Review will be followed by a Lecture – so please bring a notebook. Ensure your entire group is on time for a 2 PM start, and that you have a laptop loaded with your complete presentation when you arrive.

Locate your Professor and Neighborhood Site below, then join that location prior to 2 PM:

Messner Bronzeville …..Lower Core – East

Brackeen Bronzeville ….. Lower Core – Rm. 14

Shelly Bronzeville ….. Lower Core – Center

Venckunaite Bronzeville …..Lower Core – Rm. 14

Calabro Bronzeville ….. Lower Core – East

Glynn Bronzeville ….. Lower Core – Center

Park Bronzeville ….. Lower Core – East

Messner Humboldt Park ….. Lower Core – East

Brackeen Humboldt Park ….. Lower Core – Center

Shelly Humboldt Park ….. Lower Core – Rm. 14

Venckunaite Humboldt Park ….. Lower Core – East

Calabro Humboldt Park ….. Lower Core – Rm. 14

Glynn Humboldt Park ….. Lower Core – Rm. 14

Park Humboldt Park ….. Lower Core – Center


Start ….. 2 PM Professor | Moderator Brief Intro

2:10 Team 01

2:30 Team 02

2:50 Team 03

3:10 Team 04

3:30 Team 05 ( if necessary )

End ….. 3:50 PM

Lecture ….. 4 PM Lower Core Center ( Diagrams + Concepts )

Field Trip Etiquette + Expectations

Second Year Studio, please keep the following in mind as we travel to Humboldt Park and Bronzeville to visit our Sites later today.

  • Your Professor MUST have your completed Assumption of Risk form prior to your departure.
  • Be respectful at all times.
  • You will all need to travel to and from the Sites in groups, and while on Site you must stay together.
  • If you are asked about your Site visit by a local resident respond respectfully. “We are architecture students from the Illinois Institute of Technology and are researching this neighborhood” is just one example of a respectful response.
  • Photographs are of course encouraged. However, if your subject is close to you, please ask permission first.
  • After Professors conclude the Site visit head directly back to Campus in groups as we all have studio in 3410 after this Field Trip.
  • Stay together!

If there are any questions on this post, please contact your sectional Professor directly.

Thank you Dawveed Scully + Additional Resources

Dawveed Scully, AIA, AICP, NOMA with Professor Park Jan. 25, 2023

Second Year Studio:

Dawveed was kind enough to write us today and leave each of you the following additional resources for your consideration:

Folded Map Project -Tonika Lewis Johnson?w Paola Aguirre?

Metropolitan Planning Council – Cost of Segregation 

MPC measured the cost of the segregation of the City of Chicago and came up with a cost and thoughts on how to address it.?

We Will Chicago – City of Chicago 

Has a good summary of the historic issues in Chicago and goals around each. Plan is still draft, it’s the first steps into the first citywide plan since 1966. 

Color of Law – book + various interviews

Inequity for Sale – Tonika Lewis Johnson

Community Wealth Building – City of Chicago

Design as Protest

Design for the Just City