Phase 6 The Compilation

Phase 6? The Compilation

Collecting and Composing // Chronicled Representation

The final exercise for the semester will focus on your final portfolio. This will be a total collection of work throughout the semester and for every assignment.? It will be important to establish the objectives of the semester, the sequence of information, the hierarchy of the information to be presented, and the clarity of the format, images and text.? Pay special attention to the composition and all of the details to make sure that the project is presented in a way that it strengthens your vision and its main qualities.?

These portfolios will be reviewed by all Second Year Professors and used to establish baselines for grading across the studio sections.? The portfolios will also be used in end of the year award selections, as well as, for CoA archiving, publication and accreditation purposes.? In addition, this portofolio should also be a starting point for collecting information for your own personal portfolios that you might use for future internship applications.?

6 A // Deliverables

?The format of the portfolios should be simple and clear.? The portfolio should include every assignment/phase of the semester.? This is an abbreviated list of the assignments we covered this semester:

Phase 1.1 and Phase 1.2 // Transition | Communal + Intimate

  • Drawings + Model Photographs

Phase 2 // Considering Context and Community?

  • Select Research? (approx. 5 maps/diagrams)

Phase 3 // Healthy Living Case Study

  • Drawings + Model Photographs

Phase 4 // Midterm Proposal?

  • Select Presentation work and model photos

Phase 5 // Final Proposal?

  • Final Presentation work – all deliverables with model photos

One (1) 11” x 17” PDF landscape portfolio of your entire semester’s catalogue of work.?

    • Title page:
      • Studio title (see syllabus)
      • Your professor
      • Your name
      • Date
    • Chapter pages with title of assignment
      • Include every “Phase” assignment
  • Maximum (1) or (2) images on a sheet?
  • the ideas is to clearly document the work, do not clutter the page
  • Take quality photos
    • If you have other models which you still want to and can take photos of, use a clean backdrop (all black or white – if you use the drape – please avoid a wrinkled background)
    • Can use CoA Photo booth in 3410
  • Labels for type of drawing or image
  • Package the portfolio as a PDF?
    • Use high resolution photos, but…
    • For large files (larger than 10MB), compress file by using the “Reduce File Size” button in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Can include project statements for each assignment or overall project
    • Keep statements concise and focused on the main ideas of the project
  • Use “spellcheck” before you submit
  • Template for reference:

6B // Issue Date | DUE DATE:

Issue Date: Monday, April 24, 2023

DUE DATE: Sunday, April 30, 2023 at midnight.

Upload Portfolio in PDF form to location as directed by your Sectional Professor.


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