Final Presentations Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will have our Second Year Final Reviews in Crown Hall starting promptly at 2pm.? A few things to note about the set up and schedule for tomorrow:


  • Please arrive early by 1pm to begin setting up for your reviews.? You will find your section map for where to pin-up below.? You can coordinate with your section professors for exact set up location.??
    • Consider pre-taping your sheets or making a hidden pre-rolled stockpile of tape to use quickly.??
    • Work with your studio professor on alignments – again – more sheets are harder to align, maintain margins, ect.??
  • If you have been asked by your Prof to bring?Precedent models – bring those by 1:00pm to Crown Hall and help to bring up long model stands from lower core.? They will be exhibited for our reviewers to see our past explorations.??
  • If you are finished pinning up work – please either help another student pin-up or help me to set up chairs in each section, set up precedent models or assemble tables and food.?
  • DO NOT ARRIVE LATE!? If you arrive after 2pm (whether you are in the first group or not) , you will NOT be able to present your work for reviews.? That is the standard for ALL Sections.?
    • Prints and models have already been checked.? ?New material for the review will NOT be accepted.?
  • After reviews are done, I need everyone not only to take your own work back to studio, but to also help CLEAN UP Crown Hall.? This means put chairs back on the rack, clean up the food and garbage on the table and on the floors, make sure walls are clean and free of extra tape, model stands are returned back to original areas (each stand has a particular location).? I assured Mark Osorio that we would leave Crown Hall perfectly clean after we were done with reviews, so please help me make that happen.?


  • Prepare ahead of time what you intend to say and practice it a few times so you’re comfortable.? This will prevent you from rambling on and on or losing your train of thought.
  • Start with the Big Ideas.. then delve into details.? Don’t start in the middle of your design like walking them through the plan without giving your audience some overall goals/direction/concepts.?
  • Stick to your presentation time limits – the more you talk, the less feedback time.? You don’t want get cut off for talking too long.?
  • When you get feedback, these are ideas for you to consider.? Be accepting of the thoughts, not everything needs to be defended.??
  • Everyone is expected to stay for the full review and be attentive and wake!? Please limit your lingering at the food table.? Your attention to the review is a matter of RESPECT to your fellow peers and our invited guest reviewers.?

Looking forward to seeing the great work tomorrow!

Midterm Review layout-01


Park (3 First Half /4 Second Half)

  • Linda Chavez, Future Firm
  • Drew Smith, Latent Design
  • Kelly Moynihan, HPZS
  • Tom Jacobs, KPS (2-4)

Glynn (3 Full)

  • Steve Mihelich, Williams Architects
  • Steven Karvelius, New Office (2-5)
  • Natalie Clemens, Williams Architects

Calabro (4 Full)

  • Elliott Riggen, New Office
  • Kathy Nagle, IIT
  • David Rader, Perkins+Will 
  • Luis Medina, Studio Gang (2-4)
  • Morgynn Wiley, Baker Barrios (4-6)

Shelly (4 Full)

  • Elyse Agnello, DAAM
  • Yuyi Zhou, SOM
  • Zubair Bhaidani, GREC 
  • David Mulder, ParkFowler Plus (2-4)
  • Sharon Xu, Studio BeckerXu (4-6)

Venckunaite (3 First Half /4 Second Half)

  • Laura Garcia, Laura Garcia Design
  • Ola Odukoya, SOM
  • Annabell Ren, New Office (2-4)
  • Robert Becker, Studio BeckerXu (4-6)
  • Ellen Grimes, SAIC (4-6)

Brackeen (3 First Half /4 Second Half)

  • Sofia Linares, Urban Works Architecture
  • Joyce Vela, Canopy-Chicago
  • Trent Fredrickson, IIT (2-4)
  • Leslie Johnson, IIT (4-6)
  • Abiola Sagbohan, IIT (4-6)

Messner  (4 Full)

  • Monika Thadhani, MoNa Architecture
  • Hannah Barnes, Optima
  • Craig Stevenson, Open Architecture
  • Kelly Bair, BairBalliet (2-4)
  • Kevin Kosciulek, bKL Architecture (4-6)


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